luni, 13 iulie 2009

the twist

nothing more, and nothing less
it's you i have
you i posess
i'm on my knees and i confess
guess what?
you missed your guess.

nothing else, and nothing more
and this right here
i can't ignore
you had three guesses
now you've lost
i eat a pie
without a crust

again i slip, again i fall
again i weep
again i crawl
as i struggle to keep living
it's just the end
of the begining

and i regret, and i forget
what was before
the safest bet
and for the "it" i did not get
i'll have to pay
for the day we met

and i want what i don't need
i need not
what for i plead
again i wait, again i bleed
you take your leave
i take the lead

we do the twist, and you are mine
although you're dead
i do not mind
you are the killer, you're the crime
a twist of lemon
with a twist of lime

for twisted we are, and so we will be
you are more twisted,
more twisted than me
a minute too late, you set me free
i drove you blind
why can't you see?

sweet release and sweet remorse
i keep dancing
with your corpse
i use my strength, i use my force
i won't get beter
so i get worse

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