miercuri, 29 iulie 2009


My sweetest sin, my dirty God-
The pleasure of my pain
You be the heart, I'll be the blood
And be my pure cocaine

My bleeding angel, absynthe shot
Come closer, go away
I must admit, I love you not
But I want you now to stay.

Cyanide rush, I beg you let go
Lythium fills my lungs
I mean "yes" though I say "no"
When playing with our tongues

Kiss me again, hurt me so much
I'll let you have your way
Let me yearn then for your touch
Then come again and play

Taste me again,and again in anger
Leave me with no choice
Kiss me soft and choke me tender
And take away my voice

I scream with pleasure, never stop
Keep my pain awake
I see you smile as I give up
My all is yours to take

As light of day takes it all away
And you untie the noose
There are no words left to say -
Just a black rose and a briuse.

I show you the door,and to me you obey
You kiss my lips and bruise
But secretly... I wish for you to stay
And so you do, and then I softly say:

..."Never again untie the noose"...

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