luni, 13 iulie 2009


I'll love you so much, I'll hate you even more
I'll be your wife, as i'll always be your whore
I'll be your assasin, the one that you'll adore
I'll shake your grounds, you'll shake my core

You'll be my priest, to you I'll confess and pray
Though I'll be on my knees, to me you will obey
You'll love the way I fold, but most the way I play
Still you won't ever listen to a single word I'll say

You'd sooner die then listen to me when I talk
Except for those dirty words I say when we fuck
I'll never care to share, your dreams I'll only mock
You'll run out of gas as I'll run out of luck

You'll never admit you need me by your side
You'll do anything for just once to see me cry
I know you'll cheat and mostly that you'll lie
(Don't bother, honey, so will I)

But the truth will always be there so all can see
We're so perfect for each other, you and me
Designed by God and raised by the Devil we'll be
Though chained together, we couldn't be more free

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