luni, 13 iulie 2009


I plead my case, you rest my plead
It's you I want, but I don't need
It's you I'll have, without a doubt,
It's you I'll chew and then spit out

It's me you'll love, it's you I'll crush
It's from your bed I'll leave in rush
For me you'll cry and beg once more
I'll be the whore that you'll adore

You'll want my heart, my soul, my all
I'll be around to watch your fall
I'll give you hell and sweetest pain
I'll die in glory, you'll die in shame

You'll miss my kiss, my skin, my lips
From where you'll be, in your abyss
You'll miss my touch, my words, my voice,
You knew the game, you had a choice

Blue pill or red, it's one or the other
You took the risk and so became my lover
You were my toy, and though it was fun
It's time I'd end what you've begun

(And to your head I point my gun)

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