miercuri, 20 mai 2009

Lethal Overdose of Vicious Extasy (memoires)

Lethal Overdose of Vicious Extasy;
fuffillment of the deepest fantasy.
you've lost your ego in the labirinth-
cyanide combined with absynthe.

and you're stuck inside the maze,
lack the strength to pass the phase,
lungs give up and heart turns cold -
queen with no king chose to fold

as time melts down and water burns,
and waterfalls to blood she turns,
while bathing deep, holding her breath -
she takes inside the breath of death

vice of love turns dream of pain,
to love once more, she hopes in vain.
for now her rainbow lost its color -
sad limerick of gold and sorrow.

the spiderweb gave in, it broke.
lungs full of blood, she starts to choke;
whisper his name, pathetic as it seems -
the one who broke her web of dreams

as nightmares all around her dwell
while stuck between limbo and hell
her pulse has stopped, her journey ends
a memory of love and friends...