luni, 7 iunie 2010


sew us together, then glue me apart
tie me and bind me to yet another new start
kill me, revive me, then choke me to death
then silently whisper the name of chrystal meth

and pour me some absynthe, but never forget
that cyanide touch I'll live to regret
and pass me that opium, to give it a little taste
to taste the tasteless anger that makes me feel so safe.

and then, just let me bleed, on the dirty cold floor
when I'll be screaming your name, come and give me more
shed a tear on my face and I'll call it compassion
take me then back to hell, in a heavenly fashion...

let those angels play their harps, and hear their song
have you ever considered, I might never be that strong?
I shall settle with my demons, hand over the needle, now...
get out of my face and let me end this with a bow...

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