marți, 17 martie 2009

time to pretend (just a game)

i'll be a faithful wife
- a loving whore
i'll be the apple of you eye
and you'll be the one that i adore

i'll be a dirty liar
- a sincere best friend
i'll be the one to take you higher
and no longer will I pretend

i'll be the end of you
- as you'll be my begining
i'll be there when it's through
and share with you that dreadful feeling

i broke your fall
- you broke my bones.
now your name is mine to call
i'll let your body hit the stones

you'll be the ghost of me
i'll be the voice of you
you'll be the one to set me free
with a whispered "love you too"

i wait and bleed
you die once more
so i cry as you once did
for the sake of never more

and still i am that whore
that wife, that friend
and still i love you more and more
but now it's your time to pretend

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