duminică, 13 septembrie 2009


(She) - Lover, I beg you let go. For I am as infatuated with you as the hopeless coutresan is to the carnal pleasures she sells. I am as guilty as the most self-conscious sinner is for this feeling, still I can't seem to be able to let go of it...of you. My dear, I love you so, and the pleasure of loving you is hurting me so much, that not only me whole being in in the deepest state of pain, but so is my body while craving for your eternal presence. Oh, sorcerer, release me from your spell, as even the most cruel desert releases the lost ones from the bittersweet illusions he selfishly wraps around them.
(he) - Stay still and keep silent, beautiful; for I wish to kiss your lips once more.
(she)- Lover, I'm down on my knees, and again I beg for freedom. My love for you is eating me up inside, and I need you like the end needs a beginig, and night needs day. I crave for you like the sun craves for the moon and as the Devil craves for his God. Like the slave needs the master, like the pleasure needs the pain...to exist, is what i need you for. As alfa to omega, and as life to death, we are - you are. I want you no longer, I need you forever. Let go or I shall lose common sense, for my love is so much more powerful than my perpetual nothingness. Your whole being fills me up, but I find myself in the position of being a cup so small, that's unable to find place for all that ambrose you provide. Please, lover, have mercy and leave now...
(he)- Don't move and keep quiet, beautiful ; for I wish to hold you near once more.
(she)- Devil, I'm burning as I still feel your lips over mine and your hands into mine. I'll end up bursting in flames, for you have cruelly sentenced me to this. Why, lover, do you insist on softly ripping me apart? With your kiss and your touch you have taken away my last drop of will. I surrender to you, God, I shall die within your arms. Dear poet, rewrite your song, there still is time. Recreate the ending, for the one you have chosen is too sad. "She died" - he said, the drunken poet. "overdose of love and opium, passion and absynte - on the cold floor, alone, in his arms...she died". Don't let her die, Creator... give back her life, Destroyer!
(he)- Don't think, and no longer speak, beautiful, for I wish to find myself inside of you once more
(he)- I'm leaving, beautiful. And so, I give you back your peace.
(she)- Don't you dare walk through that door,lover. I'm dead, and so are you, though we're both more alive than we ever were. You did this to me; you had torn apart the barriers between life and death inside of me - I am in no mans land, I am nobody, I have no name, nor age. I have no life, nor death - no time and space. I'm in your world now, for you have brought me here, and I wish to stay. My name is Doe, and so is yours, and that makes us man and wife. As Adam and Lillith, we are rulers over a land of eternal nothingness. We are rulers over passion and sin, and flesh and blood. We are gods to the devils and devils to ourselves. We are eternal and so we shall be, somewhere in between existence and...void. You made me this, and now I accept it. I have no body, and no soul, and I've become, just like you, a concept, an idea - powerful through inexstence in the material world. I am you- I have taken your name. We are one. Now you must take me.
- Say my name, beautiful, and I shall.
- Vendetta.

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