miercuri, 4 februarie 2009

The five existential "W's"- for mark

when did we end up all grown up?
when did our years of madness pass us by?
when did this get oh, so messed up?
and when, my dear, did you start to cry?

who was the one who said it's right?
who was entitled to decide?
who was the one to start this fight?
and who, my dear, has made you cry?

why did we accept to live this way?
why did we not refuse it all?
why did we not run, why did we stay?
and why, my dear, did we agree to fall?

where did this plan all go wrong?
where to did we agree to fly?
where did we start playing along?
and where's, my dear, the one who made you cry?

what can we do to stop the fight?
what more to say, what more to try?
what can I do to make it right?
oh dear, please, please cease to cry

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